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Scriptorium: Alix Jules, “The New Jim Crow”

Inquisition: Shunda Lee

Scriptorium: Trey Grant, “Divided by Faith”

Scriptorium: Dan Ray, “Silence”

Inquisition: Martin Hughes

Inquisition: Ricky Allen & Zac Poppen

Inquisition: George Yancey

Inquisition: Allen Hainline

Inquisition: Ezra Boggs

Inquisition: Blake Giunta

Inquisition: Calum Miller

Inquisition: Rebekah Valerius

Inquisition: Brandon Tejedor

Inquisition: Dan Ray

Inquisition: Averroes Paracha

Churchspotting: Watermark

A Tale of Two Zachs

Remembering Hitchens

Is Marriage Gay?

The Next Generation

The Moral Landscape


Churchspotting: The Village

Think of the Children

Not My God

The Baha’i Faith

The Coalition of Reason

The God Dialogues

Special – Live at the Christian Book Expo



Death and Grief

The Problems with Theism

Stump the Theists

What the Devil?

The Problems With Atheism

Stump the Atheists

Love, Sex, and Marriage

Free Will

Christopher Hedges

Artificial Life

Mind-Body Problem

Ethics of Food

Is God Good?

Atheist Ethics

Arguments Against God

Arguments for God


Sexual Ethics



Special – Interview with Dr. Joe Barnhart

Personal Relationship with Jesus

Harris and Hitchens

The Jesus Myth Hypothesis

Rational Response Squad

Common Myths

Stem Cells

Religion and Politics

Special – Bar Talk with D.J. Sansone



Special – James Lazarus and Kile Jones

Theism – Knowledge

Atheism – Knowledge

Natural and Supernatural

Faith and Evidence


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