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The Jesus Myth Hypothesis

Part 1:  Part 1

An examination of the collected arguments in favor of the Jesus Myth Hypothesis. This first part looks at the Arguments from Silence, including the lack of any historical details about Jesus in the works of Paul, as well as the lack of any direct attestations of a historical Jesus is contemporary non-Christian writers.

Part 2:  Part 2

This second part looks at the Arguments from Similarity, including the existence of dying and rising deities, legendary men, works of ancient fiction, and Jewish literary figures which existed prior to or contemporaneously with the Gospel writers.

Part 3:  Part 3

This third part looks at the Arguments from Ahistoricity, including synoptic problem of the gospels, the instances of Biblical testimonies which suggest ahistoricity, and the existence of orthodox revisions of the scriptures.

Discussion:  Discussion

A concluding discussion about the Jesus Myth Hypothesis, including some meta-issue questions from Richard Carrier.

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