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Inquisition: Averroes Paracha

apologia_inquisition_logoI first met Averroes Paracha at a debate between Justin Schieber and Blake Giunta held at the University of Texas at Dallas. He was introduced to me as an skeptical and agnostic former Muslim with interesting ideas about God. Since that time, Averroes has come to embrace theism, and even Christian theism. He was scheduled to be baptized at the 1042 Church pastored by my former debate partner Dr. Justin Bass, so I met up with Averroes to inaugurate the Inquisition project, find out a little more about his background, and get to know what had led him to discover Jesus Christ.

Inquisition: Averroes Paracha

In this follow-up interview, Averroes talks about the struggles he’s had since then, focusing on the challenges of being a “Skeptical Christian,” and becoming comfortable living outside the boundaries defined by strict orthodoxy.

Inquisition: Averroes Paracha Update

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