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Inquisition: Dan Ray

apologia_inquisition_logoI received an email out of the blue a few months back from a guy named Dan Ray. He had gotten my information from Ezra Boggs, who runs the Bible and Beer Consortium here in Dallas and Fort Worth. Dan had seen me participate in a debate with Calum Miller on behalf of the BBC, and I had mentioned a few things about the Cosmos that got him thinking. He mentioned that he’s working on a Master’s degree in Apologetics from Houston Baptist University, and that he had been busy researching the intersection of cosmology, theology, and fantasy literature. I suggested that this might be another good opportunity for an Inquisition, and our conversation was so engrossing that it ended up spanning three separate episodes.

Part 1: Inquisition: Dan Ray – Part 1

Part 2: Inquisition: Dan Ray – Part 2

Part 2 Bonus: “Hee-Haws, Hertzsprung-Russell, and Heavenly Verse: The Language of C.S. Lewis’ Universe in Three Parts” (written by Dan Ray under the tutelage of Dr. Michael Ward at Houston Baptist University)

Part 3: Inquisition: Dan Ray – Part 3

Part 3 Bonus: “Hail Galadriel! The Light of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Natural Theology in Middle-Earth” (written by Dan Ray under the tutelage of Dr. Michael Ward at Houston Baptist University)

Extra Credit: “What is the Mission of Christianity vs. Atheism” with Calum Miller and Zachary Moore, by the Bible and Beer Consortium. The video below starts at the question posed to Zach about the cosmic perspective that was mentioned in these episodes.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-v9Zdb-6rb4&start=5142[/embedyt]

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