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Inquisition: Brandon Tejedor

apologia_inquisition_logoI first met Brandon Tejedor over a plastic tray piled high with slow-cooked pit barbecue and pickled jalapeños. Though Brandon was a Christian student of apologetics at Southwestern Baptist Theology Seminary, he had come to meet Justin Schieber, the host of Real Atheology and an atheist debater whom he respected and admired. In this discussion, I learn about Brandon’s story and his difficult and circuitous path between doubt and faith, and what led him ultimately to accept Christ and a life in service to the Church which he frequently criticizes alongside me.

Part 1: Inquisition: Brandon Tejedor – Part 1

In the second part of our discussion, Brandon describes what he considers to be the “sins” of the modern American Church, what kind of threat is represented by the New Atheism, and how the two can potentially work together.

Part 2: Inquisition: Brandon Tejedor – Part 2

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