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Inquisition: Rebekah Valerius

apologia_inquisition_logoRebekah Valerius was raised as a Christian with little more than a “Sunday School” understanding of the religion. She struggled with doubt at three critical junctions in her life, first as a struggling young ballet dancer studying far away from Texas in the liberal culture of the Pacific Northwest, later as a student of science frustrated by the seemingly impossible divide between God and evolutionary theory, and finally as a mother, faced with the prospect of bringing children into a seemingly meaningless world. Through these struggles, Rebekah found sanctuary and sanity in an intellectual embrace of her native faith, seeking answers from apologists like William Lane Craig and C.S. Lewis. Now studying apologetics formally at Houston Baptist University, she is excited at the prospect of educating her fellow Christians and skeptics alike about the reasonable faith that she’s rediscovered.

Inquisition: Rebekah Valerius – Part 1

In this second part of my interview with Rebekah, we discuss the recent changes to the Christian Church in America, and how it relates to the New Atheist phenomenon. As someone with an intellectual background that balances appreciation for science as well as for the arts, I was curious to know what Rebekah thought about how the Church could reimagine itself and its role here in an America increasingly influenced by the rise of the Nones, and populated more by apostates like myself. Listen along to find out what kind of role she intends to play in a post-Christian society.

Inquisition: Rebekah Valerius – Part 2

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