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Inquisition: Blake Giunta

apologia_inquisition_logoBlake Giunta never thought too much about his Christian faith as something objectively verifiable, until a presentation on Christian apologetics changed his mind. He later founded the online ministry BeliefMap, a digital tool designed to give Christians good reasons to defend what it is they believe. Now a student at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Blake talks about his experience as an aspiring professional apologist, from debating Justin Scheiber to sitting down with David Smalley of Dogma Debate.

In addition, the Pew Forum and the Barna Research Group have shown that the demographics of the American religious landscape are undergoing a slow but steady shift away from Christianity. In this context, how should the Church respond? Blake Giunta notes that many of the reasons that people give for abandoning Christianity are directly addressable by apologetics, so this provides a unique opportunity for him and other professional apologists to respond to this cultural pressure on the Church. And it also gives him a chance to engage more with academic-minded atheists, in the hopes of bringing some enlightenment to lay atheists and Christians alike.

Part 1: Inquisition: Blake Giunta – Part 1

Part 2: Inquisition: Blake Giunta – Part 2

You can find Blake’s online ministry BeliefMap here.


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