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Inquisition: Ezra Boggs

apologia_inquisition_logoMany people describe their lives as a roller-coaster. Ezra Boggs describes his life as being shot into space, then falling back to Earth to plunge under the ocean in a submarine. When Ezra was a child growing up in Texas, everyone with a pulse was a Christian. Reacting against that culture, Ezra first found himself reacting negatively to organized religion, even considering himself to be an anti-theist. But that opposition to God eventually became a strong devotion to the Christian worldview, leading Ezra to enter seminary, take an active role in the Church, and create a unique ministry called the Bible and Beer Consortium that brings together Christians and atheists.

In addition, the American Church has flourished over the past several decades by building itself up into a distinct subculture that, for a time, was one of the dominant political forces in American society. That all seems to be changing now, and Ezra couldn’t be happier. After creating the Bible and Beer Consortium, Ezra is hopeful that he can stimulate churchgoing Christians (and interested atheists) to break out of their assumptions, read more books, and think more carefully about God. In the meantime, he plans to continue fostering a safe space for people to question their worldviews, and the worldviews of their friends, family, and neighbors, optimally while drinking a Dragon’s Milk and puffing on a hand-carved pipe.

Part 1: Inquisition: Ezra Boggs – Part 1

Part 2: Inquisition: Ezra Boggs – Part 2

You can find the Bible and Beer Consortium online here.

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