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Scriptorium: Trey Grant, “Divided by Faith”

Trey Grant is Lead Pastor and founder of The Well Church in Keller, Texas, an intentionally multi-racial congregation that seeks to build a diverse community that worships Jesus together as one. I first met Trey after one of his first Sunday morning services, held in a local theater and attended by a small but diverse coterie of Christians. I was immediately entranced by Trey’s vision of a new kind of church for a sleepy corner of Red State Texas, and have sought to encourage him in his efforts to the best of my ability. We’ve shared a few books between us, but Trey recently offered to loan me his copy of “Divided by Faith: Evangelical Religion and the Problem of Race in America,” by Christian Smith and Michael Emerson. Together, we discussed the troubling racialization of America, the evangelical Church, and our hope for a brighter, more collaborative future for our children.

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